Emma Vickers

Emma Vickers is a filmmaker with over 20 years experience as a lighting camerawoman and Director across observational and factual documentary making. The diversity of her work includes broadcast, public sector, corporate, drama and multi-platform content generation. She has worked on programmes for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV as well as promotional films for clients such as Google, Universal Music Group and Sainsbury’s. She has a background in educational programme making and has extensive experience filming with young children for Early Years. More recently she shot a series for CBeebies encouraging young girls into Engineering.

As a documentary filmmaker, her passion is working directly with people and communities to enable them to tell their stories through film. Her approach is collaborative and she seeks to involve and engage people in all aspects of the film making process. She has co-produced projects with the Yemeni community in Sheffield and Liverpool and co-created the award winning website myTube www.mytube.mymnd.org.uk, developed with people living with Motor Neurone Disease. Her work has been supported by organisations such as the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, SITraN and The Alzheimers Society.