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  • What happens when I commission TVPP?


    Before you commission us...


    We will discuss with you the objective and target audience for the project, and we will brief you on the options for appropriate media and budgets.


    When you commission us...


    The initial phase of the commissioning process is the production of a proposal document that allows you to understand the way we will handle your project.


    The target audience will be defined, and style, content and other important elements such as voice-over or up-sync for video, stills and digital movies for multimedia presentations are all discussed during these meetings.


    We will also produce a budget on a spreadsheet to allow you to see the way in which your money will be spent during production. All figures are transparent, including profit and markup.
    A very important part of this budget is the allocation of time and the number of meetings that will be necessary to progress the project.


    Once the initial consultation phase is complete, we then progress to the next phase of project development.


  • Phase Two - Development Process


    Following the meeting to discuss the project, we produce a document which is a more detailed proposal in line with your requirements and input from the previous meetings.


    In the case of a video, we would produce a rough script with shooting and commentary based on the previous discussions. At this time we would also have an agenda that would allow us to commence filming. Whilst the rough script is in development, we would continue to generate the footage necessary for the project.


    For a multimedia project, we would produce detailed flowcharts showing the logic and progression through the elements that comprise the package. From the meetings we would have ascertained the nature of the package: as educational; purely informative; if you wanted it to feed back responses or if it was going to be used for training purposes. We would the begin to code the package and generate any or all necessary images to complete it.


    This second phase continues until we reach the first presentation stage.


  • Phase Three - Rough Cut


    In the case of a video, we may have finished filming and would have completed an edit of the constituent parts.


    This edit, known as a rough cut, is normally longer than the desired result, and will contain elements that might not be included in the final film. This will be presented to you to discuss the alterations needed so that the final film will be exactly to your requirements.


    For a multimedia project, we will have a presentation that will be a fully working model of the final product. Again, elements in this model, the way in which the project works, design elements and content can be altered to allow the final version to be exactly what you require.


    Following this meeting, we will then make any alterations as necessary and refine the project towards its final version which you will receive shortly after this phase has been completed.


    This then takes us to the final phase of commissioning; copying and distribution.


  • Phase Four - Copying and distribution


    Once you have given final approval to the project, we will produce the number of copies agreed during the development process.


    We can arrange for their delivery in any format to any location. We can provide the highest quality copies, with presentation packaging and logistics to provide a complete solution.


    With the scope of the company extending to all areas of media development, we can then deploy all material across all media, including web, print, CD and DVD. Media convergence means that all digital material can be used in many different and cost-effective ways.


    Combined with our ability to orchestrate live events and presentations across all media platforms, TVPP can guarantee high-impact and consistent messages for your organisation.

  • How do I begin the commissioning process?

    To begin the commissioning process all you have to do is contact us by telephone, email or by post and explain the project you have in mind.


    We will then write to you confirming your interest and reiterate the points you raise, before drawing up a draft proposal document.


    After this we will contact you to arrange a meeting to progress the project further.


    At TVPP we judge each project on its individual merits and budget accordingly. We do not have a set budget list, so that each budget is tailored exactly to your requirements and all figures are transparent.